So, according to them I’m not sexy, pretty, or even worth the time of day! Part 1

Not to come right out the gate with something heavy, but, since the topic of “dating” and “mating” is everywhere, I felt it would be necessary to write about. Almost every website I go to, as much as I try to avoid the subject of “dating”, it’s always there. It’s a huge part of people’s lives, not mine, and they want and love to talk about it. It seems like everyone is giving out love advice; yes, even my friends. Anyway, according to this “advice” I don’t fit in to what guys want; not surprised. A little background on me; I have always marched to the beat of my own drum. I don’t fit in to what is considered “normal” and that’s fine by me because I prefer to be me and not just another Xerox copy of everyone else.

Back to the subject at hand. I know that this “advice” is put there for those women who want to attract a mate, man, caveman, whatever you want to call them, but, sometimes I just can’t help to think that this “advice” was put there to make women feel bad about everything they are not; except me. J I am going to run through a few pieces of “advice” that I found on the internet. Now, this is about me and why guys don’t find me attractive. Enjoy!

  • His heart is through his stomach: Okay, whatever! Listen, I can cook, I can bake even better, but I will not be in no one’s kitchen every night sweating my behind off. I don’t cook everyday for myself why would I do it for someone else?! I feel everyone should know how to cook, but, it’s not just a woman’s job to do it. I’m not the one. Plus, I have been known to burn boiled eggs; sorry, had more important stuff to do.
  • Dresses and heels are sexy: neither to me nor to my feet. I am not the type of woman that wears these things. I will say though, I will wear a maxi dress, I’m tall, but, I will also wear a jacket over it. With heels, that is a no go period. First of all, I’m not killing my feet. Certain shoes are just not good to my feet and my knee and heels are those shoes. I know your saying “you have to find the right pair for your feet”, sure, if you have $100+ to spare pass it my way. My car insurance costs $120. I’m sorry, not really, but heels will not pay my medical bills if I get into an accident. Then you might say “it’s just one pair”. Yeah and that one pair will never be worn after the first time. Yes, it happens. I’m not a tomboy nor am I a girly girl, I’m just me and I’d like to stay that way thanks.
  • Being in shape: Let’s just say, I will never be a Miss Universe, nor will I be on “My 500lbs Life”, ever. I don’t go to the gym because I hate it. Let’s just put it out there. That’s why I have a treadmill at home; which I utilize when I feel the need to. I’m not at my “ideal weight”, but I’m not trying to be either. So basically I’m saying, I am not skinny, won’t ever be. I am not obese, nor will I ever let myself get that way………….. again. Yes I said again. I am average and that is what works for me.
  • Sex is important: Virgin here. Next!
  • Playfulness: I can be playful when I want to be, but, most of the time I am serious. That’s just who I am and I will not apologize for it. I can laugh when I find something funny, but, most of the time I am not laughing because not everyone is funny and I don’t pretend they are. I’m not afraid to admit I’m serious, so if that doesn’t qualify me to be with someone, well, pussy willows to them.

I will have to finish this later because right now, I have business to attend to.

Part 2 coming soon.


5 thoughts on “So, according to them I’m not sexy, pretty, or even worth the time of day! Part 1

  1. hey saturn, nice blog. I think you’re pretty. It’s how you feel about yourself on the inside that matters though. i’ll add you to my blog roll

    • Thanks! I know I have to do stuff for me and feel good about it. If I don’t feel right about it, why would I force myself into torture!?

  2. You already know what it is.

    I truly think that if someone is attracted to you, they will be attracted to you…if they like you, they like you….if they want to be with you, they will. Look at all these undesirable people who have been able to find someone. I’m not saying that one should be lazy and not care about what they present….but everyone’s presentation isn’t the same.

    lol@ “It’s just not a woman’s job to {cook}…I’m not the one.” LOL i feel the same way. Especially since i can’t cook. I think it would be silly for a guy to dismiss me for that reason if he likes everything else.

    If you’re comfortable with yourself, then that’s all that (SHOULD) matters.

    • I agree. I will say, I do know some people that may not be “desirable” in the majority of people’s eyes, but, they do have someone that loves them for who they are. Most people want someone to love them for who they are. No one is perfect and no one should try to pretend they are perfect.

      About the cooking thing, lol. My brother’s girlfriend is Jamaican and she can’t cook for anything. She can try, but, it’s not great. She can’t cook, but he can. However, my brother is crazy about her. Clearly he see’s something more important in her than what she can do in the kitchen. They have been together for 2 years now. He doesn’t trip about it and I admire that about him.

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