What is Normal?

I was watching “America’s Got Talent” on Tuesday night and was blown away by a certain young man. Now, this young man doesn’t look like any “average” guy walking down the street. He favors Marilyn Mansion to a less outrageous sense. Anyway, everyone was absolutely blown away by his voice. I would have never have guessed the voice that came out of his mouth when he sang, it was amazing. He absolutely deserved to go to the finals. However, that is not the reason I am writing this, the reason being is what he said afterwards that got me a little choked up.

Being that he doesn’t look like the “average” guy walking down the street he was rejected and that caused him to not see himself as having any real value. I can really relate to what he is saying. This is the thing, we live in a society that values people who “conform”, yes I said it, to society’s views. Anyone who doesn’t fit the societal model is labeled an outcast, rebel, unusual, etc. And thus, we are treated as such. Why aren’t we allowed to be ourselves? Why is society so closed-minded?

I think society has placed too much value on a persons looks rather than their brains and talents. Many children and teens are ridiculed everyday because they are choosing to be themselves instead of conforming to what is perceived to be “normal”. These kids in time grow up either trying hard to fit into society or having low self-esteem. Not all, but a lot of them.

Just look at Lady Gaga, she is not “normal”, yet, she is one of the most popular singers in the world today. I know most of that action came from her look and her act. To me, that says there are people out there that are unusual, but, some are just too afraid to be themselves. I’m not saying walk around in a bra that shots fireworks, but, I think people are more accepting to others who are the unusual, it’s just society tells us that they shouldn’t be. I believe a lot of people have been brainwashed in thinking that everyone should be a certain way. I wouldn’t want to live in a world where everyone is the same, you know how boring that is. What makes this world great is the fact that there are “different” and “unusual” people out there. People, like Lady Gaga, who aren’t afraid to let their freak flag fly.

However, I know my words are just a few of many. It’s going to take society as a whole to undue what they have done. It’s getting better, but society is still lacking in its views. Until that happens, don’t be afraid to be your unusual self. Love you for who you are and if other people don’t like it, screw them. It’s how you feel about yourself is what matters most. No one in this world is perfect, some people like to act like they are, but their not. You are fine the way you are and don’t let anyone change you.


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