Music on my IPod Pt. 1

I used to be someone that only stuck to certain music genres, now that I have grown up I have discovered all new music and new artist that re pleasing to my ears. No longer will I sit myself in just one genre because that is what is expected of me. Yet, I still do have my favorite artists but even they don’t fit into the same genre. This is just some of the music I have currently on my IPod.

“Little Talks” Of Monsters and Men (Alternative Rock)

I actually saw this video this Sunday morning while flipping channels. VH1 actually plays music videos, lol. The video really caught my attention and the song was catchy. Immediately after that, I got on my Android and downloaded the song.

“The Other Side” Bruno Mars Ft. Cee-lo Green and B.O.B (R&B/Rap)

I wasn’t really a Bruno Mars fan when he first came out. I wasn’t really into “Just the Way You Are”. However, he slowly started to grow on me. I finally downloaded his album over two weeks ago and I must say I sat on Bruno Mars way too long. I love the album and this is my favorite song from that album.


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