Nothing But Natural Hair Care Brand

A few weeks ago I went in a Sally’s Beauty Supply Store to purchase my usual hair moisturizer and noticed a couple of new natural brands on the shelf across the way. Curious, I walked over and started looking them over. I am one of those who is open to try new products as long as it is affordable to me, sorry no Miss Jessie’s over here. My action went to one brand in particular “Nothing But”. I’d never heard of this brand but had heard of the others that were next to it. The price looked good and the ingredients look fine. The first two products I picked up were the “Curly Pudding” and the “Cleansing Conditioner”. I used both of them the next day. I first used the conditioner as a co-wash and after my hair dried a little, I used the pudding because it says to use while hair is damp.  These products are amazing. The pudding really stretched my hair. I have a mix of type 3 and 4, mostly 4 and it tends to shrink a lot which will sometimes make me throw my hands up and put it in a ponytail. My hair is pretty long, it goes past my shoulders and you can’t tell that by looking at it because of the shrinkage. This product really shows length in my hair, not its complete length, but enough for me to be satisfied. Not only that, but my hair retained moisture throughout the next couple of days. The product isn’t heavy on my head and doesn’t smell bad.

The next week I went and purchased the shampoo, “curl sealer”, “wake up spray”, and “mold and hold wax.” I have finally found a brand that does what I want it to do.  I used the “mold and hold wax” for my twist out. I twisted my hair in ten big twists, five on each side. The next morning before leaving for work I untwisted my hair. I have never ever had a better twist out then when I used this product. My twist outs usually are frizzy and don’t come out as well as I would have liked them to.  With this product I had no frizz and my hair looked curly and wavy in some spots. The best thing is it lasted the whole day.

I highly recommend this brand. It’s affordable and it actually works. It just goes to show, products don’t have to be expensive to work.


2 thoughts on “Nothing But Natural Hair Care Brand

  1. LOL…Miss Jessie’s is WAY too steep for me, too! Ive never heard of these products but I like that the jars say that they don’t contain mineral oil, sulfates, etc….Ever since i found Jane Carter, all I want is natural hair products (or as natural as possible).

    • I’m throwing all my other products away and only using these from now on. I never heard of it either, but, I’m glad I went to Sally’s that day.

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