Men, Take Your Own Advice

 I was hoping I wouldn’t have to write about this but I think that this needs to be said, at least from me. Men, please stop complaining that women overlook you because you’re short. Nerdy/geeky, don’t make a lot of money, have swag, etc. I say this because you men are worse when it comes to choosing someone you want to be with. How many times do we see men who look like real life version of Peter Griffin (Family Guy) with a woman who is a real life version of Lois Griffin (Family Guy) or better as it pertains to looks? I see that all the time. Movies, television, real life, it’s everywhere, hell, my little brother and his girlfriend is a prime example. My brother weighs over 300lbs and his girlfriend weighs no more than 140lbs. tell me, how often do you see the opposite? I think I may see it maybe once every couple of months. Men say they are visual and what not, but is it fair for you to complain about women when you guys are doing the same thing. I think the worse thing I’ve heard from a man’s mouth is he didn’t want a “fat” chick when he damn near pushing 500lbs. Really!?

When men look for women they are looking at her body. I don’t believe that men look at the face first because trust me; it would be a whole other world if that were true. They want someone who is thin, has a nice butt, has nice breast, long hair; if a woman cuts her hair short it’s the end for her. That’s what men look at first. Those men who are considered handsome and those that are not so visually attractive, they all want the same type. I’ve even heard a certain actor say he will date someone who is a little bit heavier yet everytime you see him he is with someone who doesn’t weigh over 130lbs. Actions speak louder than words! Then when they get to know some of these women they find out that often what looks good isn’t always good. Then here comes the complaints that there are no good women and women are picky etc. Really, because I know a lot of good women who are good but are overlooked because they may be overweight, have short hair, etc. Maybe men you should reevaluate your actions with your words.

All I am saying is men; I think a lot of you really have some nerve jumping on women for being picky when you are worse than them. Even my Psychology Professor admitted this last week in a class of over 100 students that men are less forgiving in looks than women are. Women are actually less forgiving in a lot of things than men are.

Okay, rant over.

P.S. Really think about what I said.


3 thoughts on “Men, Take Your Own Advice

  1. I find it crazy to hear a man complain that women are just into looks or picky about anything! That’s just absurd to me. It’s just totally hypocritical because men only go after women that physically appeal to them. If he thinks she’s unattractive or that he can find better, he’s not going to give her the time of day.

    Most go along with what society says is a woman (a video girl type with makeup, heels and a weave) and don’t see the beauty in the regular women around them who don’t want to be that type of girl.

    And yeah I remember watching an episode of “Shahs of Sunset” and one of the cast, Sammy is a short, fat, balding and creepy ladies man. (He has a lot of money). On one episode he was on a date with this slim woman and he told her that if she lost about 5 pounds, she’d be perfect. I was like, seriously, you Mr.Spacely (jetsons) looking person?

    Men have some nerve on that.

    • I agree. I think a lot of men go by what society says as well and what their friends might think. I know what their friends think is important to them. I do know someone who said he would date someone who was not so “mainstream”, but was scared that his friends would make jokes about her or say something out of hand. It starts to make me wonder, who is really in control of your life. You or Society??!!!

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