Congratulations to Barack Obama on his second term.

Why I voted for Barack Obama

  • He is genuine, humble, honest, and smart
  • He is a family man; he loves his wife and his daughters
  • He is a family man that cares about women’s rights; no man or government has the right to tell women what they should do with their bodies.
  • He respects women; he doesn’t put them in binders or considers rape a “blessing from God”
  • He cares for all Americans; black, white, Asian, Hispanic, young, old, gay, straight, rich, poor
  • He respects peoples rights to marry who they want; gay marriage
  • He was quick to act when disaster struck
  • He bought the car industry back
  • Health care reform
  • The state he was born in and the state he was Senator in believed in him


*Map from


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