I’m Not A Hater, I Just Don’t Enjoy The Music!

Don’t you just hate it when someone calls you a “hater” because you don’t enjoy certain types of music? Okay, maybe not hate, but get annoyed by it. I know for me it’s pretty annoying. Whom I am speaking about in particular is Nick Minaj. In no way shape or form do I remotely like anything about this woman. I think her whole style, look, and music is questionable. I feel she looks like a cartoon character and she doesn’t dress in a way that I feel the need to follow. I prefer a more modest way of dressing. Just because you have the body to do so doesn’t mean you need to dress like a street walker. Yes, I said it; sometimes she looks like a street walker. I don’t find it sexy at all, like I said, it’s questionable. Anyway, this is not a way I would be dressing neither if I had her body nor would I want my future daughter to dress. I also would not want my future son to go crazy over a woman that looks like her.

Anyway, now to her music; sorry it’s not good. I know you all are thinking, you like Rihanna, yes I do. I actually prefer the Rihanna before the “Loud” album. Plus, I don’t own “Loud” and “Unapologetic” because only one or two songs on those albums I enjoyed; that’s why they invited the idea of $.99 songs. Thank you Amazon. Anyway, I don’t find Nicki’s rapping skills to be any good. I actually find that quite cartoony as well. The changing of the voices and the different characters is, of course, questionable. Not only the way she sounds, but have you actually listened to some of those words?? Haha, really! I really don’t get it; maybe someone like me wasn’t meant to get it that’s why I like the music that I like. I like music that I can somewhat relate to or at least something that makes sense. The beat will get me at first, but the words are the whole package. That’s the reason why I love people like Janelle Monae (“Cold War” is my anthem) and Pink. I can honestly say that I own every album from both these ladies because their music is actually worth listening to; for me of course.

In all honesty, I think immature people call other people haters. In their mind they can’t fathom how someone doesn’t like the same things as them. Just because someone sells a bunch of albums doesn’t make them good. I mean take in movies, Transformers 3 made a ton of money doesn’t mean it was a good movie; even though some seem to think so. I happen to think the third Transformers was a bad movie; my opinion of course. Or, look at it this way; there are some gems that don’t get the shine it deserves because they don’t “play” into the “rules”. Anyway, back to Minaj, I’m not going to say I am sorry that I don’t like her or her music because I am not. I’m not a hater because I have different taste in music, their immature mind may think so but that’s okay. Maybe they haven’t mentally matured yet but hopefully by the age of 40 they will be.

By the way, sorry if this sounds all over the place but I am watching Season 1 of Fringe and writing this at the same time. Fringe over Minaj, lol.


4 thoughts on “I’m Not A Hater, I Just Don’t Enjoy The Music!

  1. I think music (unless it’s explicit misogynistic and crass raunchy stuff) is one thing that’s just not that serious. You may not be able to listen to the same radio station when with someone who has extremely different musical tastes, but i think that’s such a non-factor.

    • For me, music makes me feel good. I don’t like raunchy stuff that’s why I don’t listen to rap/hip hop or alternative rock. It’s not my thing.

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