2012 South Florida Natural Hair Beauty and Wellness Expo


On December 16, I attended the South Florida Natural Hair Beauty and Wellness Expo in Ft. Lauderdale. Of course being a natural girly I was all for it. Natural hair is quickly becoming a growing presence in the South Florida scene and the country. Tens have turned to hundreds; hundreds to thousands, thousands could easily turn to millions in the next couple of years. I started my natural hair journey in August 2008, when I BCed (Big Chopped) all my relaxed hair from my head. It was such a wonderful relief, I felt like so much had been released and I could breathe. Now, four years later, I am still in awe (good and bad) at my hair and I can’t ever go back.

The show featured numerous wonderful vendors from all across the country including Will Williams, who is a very outspoken spokesperson for the brand “Nothing But” brand, which I also reviewed in an earlier post. Mr. Williams showed me the proper way to use some of the “Nothing But” products. There were also other demonstrations by various hair salons in the South Florida area including “Natural Trendsetters” and “Black Star Barber Shop & Natural Hair Salon”. Many vendors came out to showcase their amazing products, not limited to just hair care. Independent businesses came out to showcase their clothing, jewelry, etc. I met and spoke with two entrepreneurs. Akim Wilson is the owner and designer of empowerment tees by the name of Soul Seed at Soulseedtees.com. I purchased two of her wonderful tees.

I also sat and watched a Life and Business Coach by the name of Simone Kelly. She had presented an hour long class to help those of us who needed to relieve some stress and who had been going through some not so ideal situations. Before she started talking, we all sat for five minutes through guided meditation. I don’t know about you all but I have trouble meditating. My mind is always going a million miles a second and it’s hard for me to just sit down for an hour and think about nothing really. Of course this was no exception, plus, some lady in the back must have fell asleep because all I heard was snoring so I couldn’t help but laugh to myself. Anyway, Ms. Wilson is a very entertaining and engaging. I learned a lot about from her and learned something about myself along the way. I have to meditate more and learn to clear my head. I have to do more stuff for myself and stop worrying about other people’s situations.

The Expo also featured live performances from singing to spoken word. This Expo has got to be the best Natural Hair Expo I have ever been to. Everything was very well organized. All the performances were amazing and on point. Loads of free samples and the classes and demonstrations were also great and well worth the $15-20 admission. I’ve never seen so many amazingly creative hair styles in one place. I say creative in a good way and not the other way. Now I have to go take a class on hair braiding; one of the skills I lack when it comes to hair styling. Here is something else I look forward to for 2013.




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