Adventures in Hip Hop Dancing

Image                So yesterday, my big sister and I went to a Hip Hop Dance/Exercise class. She’s a member of a very popular gym and I’m currently freeloading on her membership,J. I didn’t really want to go to the class because I’m not into Hip Hop, but, I gave in a week anyway. WOW, what an adventure. We arrive to the class about 10 minutes early and already there’s a line to get in. I turn to my sister and ask her “who is teaching the class?” she says “Some chick named Venus.” The closer we get to the class starting, the longer the line behind us starts to form. I think to myself these people really want to take this class. Finally, the previous class ends and we are able to go inside.

My sister and I go towards the far right of the room, far away from the glass door and glass window where anyone can just look in. I start to look around for the teacher and immediately noticed this short, extremely fit, big booty (lol) woman walking around. She stands in front of the class and says “everybody, get two weights”. Oh damn, is all I could think. My sister and I grab the smallest pound weights. After that she tells us to place them in front of us and then says “everyone who brought heels, put them on”, now I’m freaking. I finally realize why this class is full; apparently this class has been going on since last summer.

Working out in heels, really! Anyway, we start off with stretches, and these weren’t easy. After the stretches she tells us to pick up the weights; we’re going to do 100 lunges, with both weights, and the weights must touch the ground. Oh hell no! 100 killed me and the having the weights touch the ground was enough. However, she didn’t force us to do all 100. If we needed to rest we could. My sister being a show off did all of them, I did about 20. My knees were killing me. Then the “booty popping” began. I looked over at my sister and she looked at me and shook her head. I know my sister, she is a little to butch to be “booty popping” and I know me the best and I am a little too conservative to do the “booty popping”. I did some anyway, my sister, on the other hand, didn’t.

The whole class was basically lunges and “booty popping”. Let me tell you, I swear some of those women look like they came straight from a Hip Hop video. My family can never tell me that I have a huge butt after those butts I saw. I think at one point, or two, I was a little jealous. Overall, it was a nice class if you are into that type of exercise. I think I am going to stick to the boring ole aerobics and treadmill. I don’t at all reject going, but, I think my knees feel differently.


4 thoughts on “Adventures in Hip Hop Dancing

  1. Ha…it sounds like an…experience but fun. I couldn’t do a class like that b/c even if I had any booty to speak of, my lower back doesn’t move enough to booty pop. Id look so ridiculous. But I’d probably like the challenge of the lunging and stretching.

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