Plus Size Trend: Big Girls in Crop Tops!

Just purchased me a crop top.

Polished, Random and Obsessive!

Happy Monday Everyone! I figured since today is such a gorgeous day, that I should get on the topic of FASHION! My favorite subject!

There are a few trends that are out right now and one of them that I am excited about, yet a little scared at the same time are Plus Size girls showing some skin. And by skin I mean showing off some midriff! That’s right! Some sexy stomach!

Wait…wait..wait…before you say anything…yeah I was worried about it too. But I have to admit that there are some girls that can pull it off!

For example:

plus size cropplus size fashion

The thing with this trend is….if you don’t show TOO MUCH…just a sliver of skin…it can be very sexy. But too much and you can definitely go from Polished to Pudgy very fast. Done the right way…this look is FABULOUS!
Especially is you are pairing the top with some high-waisted pants…

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