2013: My Year Review


Graduation: A huge relief came when I graduated college. I felt freer and more relaxed. My last semester was a nightmare. I had possibly taken the hardest class ever, but it was required for my major. I’d gotten a D on my midterm; which I crammed for, bombed the research paper; which I don’t blame myself because his layout of everything was confusing. He said I had the information, but the layout was wrong. If it wasn’t for the weekly discussions and the final, I would have failed. I managed to pass that class with a C. He actually said I had one of the highest grades for the final, which was a B. I tried not to cram for the final because I ended up forgetting half the stuff on the midterm. When it came to the final, I relaxed, studied for 2 or 3 hours and took a break for an hour. So glad that worked. I’m very proud of myself because it was a very hard road for me. There were several times I wanted to quit. Times I actually took semesters off, but I was determined to get my degree. I am actually the first in my family to do so, definitely something to be proud of. By far, one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in my life.

Coming of Age: 2013 has been an interesting year for me. When I say interesting it means good and bad! This year I turned 27 and to be completely honest, that number scared me. I don’t know what it is about that number that frightens me but it did. Maybe it’s because I know I’m not exactly where I want to be with my life; career and financially. There were so many things I wanted to do by this age; travel more at the top. When I was younger I actually thought I’d be married with a kid and an actual career by now. Boy, doesn’t reality have a way of punching you in the face! It seems every year my desire to be in a relationship fades more and more. I still want to be a mother, but I can accomplish that by adopting, which has become my new plan as of this year. However, that comes after the career and the financial comfort. I guess the age thing is really starting to hit me. I never used to be the person so hung up on age, but now that I know in 2 ½ years I’ve be 30, it does kind of scare me bit. I’m trying to keep a positive outlook on things and just celebrate it.

I’ve decided that for my 30 birthday I am going to gift myself with a trip to London. I have always wanted to visit London and never got the chance to, so, I plan to open an account that will be solely to saving money for my trip. I have 2 ½ years to plan and save for it, I can do it. Sometimes you have to spoil yourself.

Jobs: I’ve been to several job fairs and applied to several places throughout the year only to find nothing. I don’t believe I mentioned this but when I was laid off from the bank (after 6 years 8 months) in 2012 I went a month without a job; however I was still getting severance. I found something in November 2012, I was desperate, and I started working in retail. I used to work in retail when I was fresh out of high school and promised myself to never go back, but, I was desperate and I don’t like feeling like I am doing nothing to help myself, so I took the job and dealt with it. It was a good and bad decision.


  • Part time: I was able to take more classes so I could finish school
  • The schedule was flexible
  • I actually got along with some co-workers and some.
  • 25% store discount, 30% and 50% in their partner stores.


  • The customers
  • $8.25 an hour
  • Working until 2am during the holidays
  • The store manager was a real witch
  • No insurance benefits
  • No paid sick days
  • The customers
  • No advancement
  • Fake managers
  • The customers
  • The labor

I’m pretty sure I might have said something on there more than once. J

The discounts didn’t mean that much to me as I resigned in November. So, I made it a year, surprisingly. Yes, I was looking for another job while there, but nothing ever came up, until September. My aunt offered me a job as her secretary. It was part time, because I was still at the retail store. She was paying more and giving me more hours. So I took it. It’s not easy working for my aunt, but, I’d rather be here then there. It’s more intimate because it’s a very small company (seven of us in our building) plus, I’m actually learning things that will actually help me in the career world. I’m grateful for that and to her for giving me this opportunity. I am still classified as part time but I do more than 30 hours most weeks. At the retail job I would be lucky if I made it to 20 hours.

I look forward to 2014. Things will change for me; I’ve already started working on it. Can’t wait!


3 thoughts on “2013: My Year Review

    • Good luck to you in 2014. I’m trying not to think about being 27, but sometimes it just sneaks up on you and you realize your not where you thought you would be.

      • And for 90% of people it will be like that, especially for those is our age group who were unfortunate enough to graduate college during this recession and not find the jobs we wanted.

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