It’s Been A Long Time

Hello everyone! It’s been since March since I posted. I can’t believe I totally neglected my blog and my followers. I have good “excuses” however. I have been dealing with the move and finding my true position in the world.

As you all are aware I moved in March and I was not, and still am not, happy with the place. It’s just way too small for me and I feel clustered and it can be a bit suffocating to say the least. A lot of stuff I can to put in storage because it just wouldn’t fit. Yet, I still feel inundated with so much stuff. I’m thinking of selling a lot of my clothes on EBay because I simply do not have the closet space to put everything. For the price we are paying, it is simply not worth it. That’s one of my gripes about South Florida. The cost of living is very expensive for so little they are giving you. Plus, they don’t pay you for the cost of living and competition is way too much here. I don’t see what’s so wonderful about the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale that it has to costs so much. The only redeemable thing here is the weather and the beach and I could care less about the beach. Never been a beach fan. Other than that, there is nothing amazing down here. Well, at least for me. Those 2 things are worth it enough for them to pay $1100 for a 1 bedroom, 1 bath apartment in an “okay” neighborhood.

Now, on with the career situation; I am currently in the process of studying for my certification to begin teaching. It has been something I wanted to do as a kid, but, I let people talk in my ear which led me to choose a major that I really didn’t care for. I will be taking my test in October so I’m going to be all about the studying. I know what works for me; study for a couple of hours (2), then give myself an hour break, then back to studying. That works for me, cramming doesn’t. I have to give myself a little me/fun time to keep my sanity.

I’m still at the job with my Aunt however; she has noticed that I don’t like it. She mentioned to me that I need to find something that is going to bring me joy. The job is nothing at all what I expected. When you say you are hiring me to do one thing, but I end up doing 20 more things, plus everyone else’s things, what kind of stuff is that? The title I was given is nothing like the description. I appreciate her giving me the job, but, I didn’t beg her for it, she came to me. Thus, I would have liked her to be a little honest with me before I said yes and left my other job.

That’s what I have been up to since March pretty much. There’s more, but I will save that for another post.


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