So, This Happened Today…….

…… I was laid off, again.

2 layoffs in 2 years.

Last post, I told you about the job with my Aunt. Though I was unhappy there I didn’t expect this to happen. Granted it wasn’t her or my faults it all depends on the customers. In that industry, if the customer doesn’t give us any work then we don’t have anything to do period. This is a small, family owned company; 2 stores in the whole U.S. For the past three weeks I worked a total of 7 days; not full 8 hour days by the way. Things were supposed to get better this week, it’s considered the new Fiscal year (Oct. 1), however things didn’t. Customers haven’t sent in anything to work on. One of the big projects we were working on in the Spring and early Summer was postponed indefinitely. So, no, it could be another six months before it starts up again. It was a major account for us they kept us working, even overtime.

My Aunt didn’t want to let me go but she had no choice. She was very sad and upset and I know her hands were tied. It came down to seniority and not performance. I was the second to last person hired, 1 year ago last month, so I had to be one of the ones let go. I get no severance package at all; I walk away with nothing. Everyone that she kept will only work 2 days a week; 16 hours a week. Can you even call that part-time? So, now I have to do this process all over again. On top of that, study for my teaching test. Too much on my plate at one time. It hasn’t really hit me yet but, I can already foresee the panic when the water  and lights are due.

Time to update the resume again.


2 thoughts on “So, This Happened Today…….

  1. That sucks! I have been through it, and all I can do is send you a virtual hug. Your poor aunt, that must have been so hard for her as well. I am sure something will come up, but getting laid off… it sucks, there’s no two ways about it.

    • Thanks for the hug. Yes it does suck. Mind you this is the second time in 2 years. The first time was September 2012.It’s starting to really set in that this is happening all over again.

      My Aunt really didn’t want to do it but she had no choice. She felt so awful. She kept saying she was sorry over and over. I’m grateful that she gave me a chance though.

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