The Importance of Female Relationships


Far too often I hear women say “I don’t get along with other women” or ” Females annoy me”…I see women all the time who claim that they only want male friendships because females and them just don’t “click”. This made me wonder just why that is. Why do soo many women make these claims yet I rarely hear men say the same about other men?

Personally, I’ve never had a problem getting along with women. I don’t have any “best girl friend” per say, but I do have women in my life who I love and respect.  I have guy friends but there are just certain things I can’t share with them , and if I did they honestly wouldn’t understand it or be able to relate.

Having a friendship with another woman is so important and vital to your well being. If your the girl who doesn’t seem to get along with any other female…

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