The Facts Are Imperfect


“You want to get on with your life. But this situation is your life and, here you are, right in the thick of it. Learn to relax with inconvenience and imperfection. Some rules and judgments need to be relaxed so that unconditional love can work its magic. Tolerance is not enough. Acceptance is the key. This does not mean merely putting up with adverse conditions. It means facing the facts and doing the right thing – just for the sake of it.” (Creative Numerology)

Such a true statement!

Life hasn’t been going so well for me lately; the job situation, the living situation, etc. I have been trying to think positive but it’s hard when you feel as if you have a rain cloud hanging over your head. Saturday I am going to take my Language Arts test for my teaching certification. I am not going to lie; trying to study for this has been hard. I get so distracted and at times feel defeated because it feels like everything is happening all at once. I’m most concerned about having to write an essay. Ugh! I honestly haven’t written an essay in years and it’s not like I can go home and do it or free write it. It’s being timed and it’s the prompt they give you, so that added pressure to the situation. I know I will pass it. Everyone knows I will pass it, but often, in the back of my mind I still feel like I won’t.

On top of that, Sunday is my ex-co-worker’s baby shower. This is her second child; another boy. I’m not too thrilled about going because there’s going to be some people attending whom I don’t want to see and don’t want to act fake to them. Plus the fact about celebrating another friend’s incoming baby makes me feel down. My dating life has been nonexistent.

Now, on to the passage above! I was checking out my numerology forecast for the week; which I do every once in a while. This is what was in store for me. Now, normally I don’t really believe in most of these things as they are very general, but I had to stop and read this again. This is what my life is right now.

I want to get on with my life, meaning I am ready to move forward. I want my career and the life I’ve dreamt of when I was a teenager. I thought I’d be years in my career right now, but sadly I am not. I hate going from job to job with no opportunity for advancement or feeling miserable because I know this is not where I am supposed to be. The jobs I’ve had have not been stimulating in the least bit. I’m on edge thinking about the future and dwelling in my present. This is what my life is now, as imperfect and inconvenient as it is. I’m trying to learn to accept it and still trying to think positive about what’s to come.

I’m a college educated woman, with no job, no close friends, no partner, and limited funds to get by and rent’s a townhouse with my older sister. Those are the facts.


2 thoughts on “The Facts Are Imperfect

  1. Hi! Thanks for posting this statement. It’s just what I needed to read this morning. Hope the situations in your life gets better soon.

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