Black Friday Haul and Contradictions


I’m going to start off explaining what Black Friday is to my international readers. Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving when stores discount most or all of their items in preparation for the Christmas holiday. It’s were Americans sit outside of a Best buy for over 12 hours for a flat screen tv that may have been only discounted about 10-20%. Yes, they will sit/stand outside in the rain, cold, snow, blistering heat for a freaking television.

So, I normally don’t do Black Friday because I personally don’t think it’s worth the hassle. Why would someone wait in line for a 40% discount (clothing). On top of that, stuff like electronics are in limited quantity. What on earth would make someone think that being number 100 in line for an item that has a 10 quantity limit per store think they’d have an actual chance at getting that item???!!! Think about it. It’s not worth it. Past years, I have enjoyed driving past those stores and laughing at them as they sit/stand outside in the cold waiting for doors to open. Ridiculous! This year was a little different, stores opened on Thanksgiving, 4 p.m. in the afternoon. How horrible those employees who had to spend their thanksgiving waiting on rowdy customers just so they can get a flat screen television.

Since most of the people had decided to do their shopping on Thanksgiving I decided to actually go out on Friday (today) and see what I could spot. My intention was actually to go to one store. I ended up going to four and buying from three; ~sigh~. I went to Old Navy, Ashley Stewart, Payless, and Avenue. I’ll be staying in for the rest of day……maybe!

Ashley Stewart: Total spent $130


Scuba Moto Jacket (My picture didn’t do this jacket any justice)


Printed Jeans

101_0623 101_0621

Hard Print Handbag (No longer online)

101_0620 101_0616

Hard Printed Clutch


Color Block Purse (Clearance item, no longer online)

Old Navy Haul: Total spent $83


Denim Jacket in Dark Worn


Camis, Rebel Graphic Tee (no longer online), Raisin Swing Tank


Pixie Ankle Pant in Red Folk, Rockstar Super Skinny in Black, Striped Ponte-Knit Pencil Skirt in Black

Avenue: total spent $46


Lund Over the Knee Boots

That’s my Black Friday haul. Can’t wait to rock my new gear.


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