My Take On “Big Women: Big Love” & Our Obsessed Society


The Lifetime Network has a new show that premiered on New Year Day called “Big Women: Big Love”. Out of curiosity I decided to watch it and as I feared, it’s the same ole stuff. Bigger women are so desperate for a man that they will put up with anything. Bigger women are so desperate that they will compromise their integrity to get a man to like them and blah blah blah. Sigh, I’m so sick of this. I’m so sick of bigger women being painted with a mono brush. We are not. A lot of us aren’t desperate; some of us are. The same can be said about skinny or average women. Come on, those women on the Bachelor and Bachelorette do seem kind of desperate to me.

A lot of us are comfortable in our skin and don’t secretly hate ourselves. Someone of us use being fat as a weapon to ward off attention, but that’s a whole other topic for a different day.

I hate the fact that society is so obsessed with “health” when the truth is they are not. They are obsessed with looks. You know who many comments I used to read from strangers about out concerned they are about someone else’s health, someone they know nothing about whom doesn’t even know they exist. Why? The truth is, they could give a flying squirrel about that person’s health, and they only care about what that person looks like. You can tell what someone’s health is by looking at them. Yes, being overweight makes you more susceptible for certain diseases and conditions, but so does alcoholism and smoking. Can you tell an alcoholic or smoker by the way they look? 98% of the time you can; or until they get much older when it starts to show. Being overweight, you don’t have that luxury. I haven’t ever has high cholesterol but my ex-step-father did and I easily had over 50lbs on him.

I’m not saying there aren’t people who genuinely care about other people’s health, but they are family and friends. Why would someone else be invested in a stranger’s health? What does that do for you?

I’m just sick of the labeling and way society dictates the way people should look. The same goes for black women, that’s another post I will be making soon. I know I’ve said on here that my problems with dating had something to do with my weight and I whole heartedly believe that. However, I am going to lose weight in order to get “chose”; so someone can see value in me as a HUMAN BEING. If I lose weight, it will be for me and me only.


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