Adventures in Substitute Teaching: Pt. 1

I’ve been MIA for a little bit well, early February I finally started subbing. What an experience it’s been.

I actually first started as a Teacher Assistant/Aide because I just wanted to get my feet wet and test the waters. Well, me thinking Teacher Assist/Aide meant having a class that had a lot of students, it actually means ESE/Autistic/Behavioral students; should of did my research. Please excuse me I’m trying to remember back from early February. My first day was interesting to say the least. I worked with the emotional/behavioral students. There were five boys in this class and they were a handful. In the span of an hour of being there this one little boy got into a fight with the other four. Yes, he was fighting all of them, in the lunch room. Oh, I forgot to mention these students are 2-3rd graders. The rest of the day went a little better until it came time to wait for the buses; I really understood why they were in that class. They were uncontrollable, screaming, running around, messing with the Pre-K students, etc. All I could do was say to myself wow, I don’t think I’m coming back to this school.

For a week I did teacher aide and to be honest, it got a whole like better. I dealt with less of the emotional/behavioral students and more with the autistic/mentally disabled students; I preferred them. They actually listened to you; some at least. It really wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Dare I say, I actually prefer them over the abled students! That’d part 2.


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