Hobbies: When You Need Something to Do

Hope everyone had a great holiday. I’ve been looking back at all my posts this year and I haven’t posted anything really in 6 months; my previous post doesn’t count. I can’t believe how much time has passed since then. The last thing I posted about was substitute teaching, which was an adventure in itself. I’ll admit, I miss it sometimes; maybe it’s the control I have (most times). I do miss the periods alone when the students would be off in one of their specials and/or lunch. That meant I had that 30-40 minutes to myself to relax and do what I want. I still get that now at my current job, but not as much me time as before. Expect another post about my new job later.

While I was jobless over the summer I took up a new hobby. I needed to do something because I was driving myself crazy doing nothing. I started crocheting. Yes, I know, when people think of crocheting they automatically think of someone that is older, but, I was always interested in it. Now that I had the time to do it, I jumped right in, kind of. I used to frequent a beading/jewelry making meetup group on Wednesday evenings. I was the youngest, which I kind of expected would be the case. I expressed interest to them that I wanted to learn to crochet. Well, the next week I came one of the ladies had purchased yarn and a hook for me. I was shocked; I didn’t expect her or any of them to do that.

I’ll admit, I usually catch on to things fairly quickly, but I wasn’t catching onto this. I had lots of things on my mind and not having a job was the main thing. I got frustrated that I wasn’t getting it and after 20 minutes of trying I quit. She told me to relax and try it again when I was ready. So I took the yarn and hook home and looked at it for a while. I was mad at myself for not getting it. But knowing what I was frustrated with more so had to do with what was going on in my life at the present time. I waited a couple of days before I jumped back in. I went on YouTube and typed in beginner crochet. After watching one video for a little while I got it. It was a lot easier to see at that angle; first person. I was getting it and loving it. The first thing I ever made was actually a throw blanket and not a beanie as so many people start off making. I was pretty happy about it. Of course, I have since unraveled it and made a beanie and gloves set.

I enjoy crocheting and I am glad I took the time to relax and get back into it. Sometimes it can be long and tiring; depending on what I am making, and sometimes it can be quick and easy. I made the people at work I talk to crocheted keychains for Christmas. The good thing about it is the sense of accomplishment I feel when I complete a project. I’m currently working on a blanket right now for a co-worker, as well as a poncho for my mom. Can’t wait to see what the look like finished.


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