Ashley Stewart, Time to Step it Up

I’ve been shopping at Ashley Stewart for a very long time now. I enjoy a lot of their clothes, sans all the neon colored shirts; I tend to stick to dark, jewel tones. Anyway, when I lost weight back in 2007, I went down a cup size. That meant, I had more stores to shop for bras in; however, none were at the level of Ashley Stewart and Lane Bryant bras. These bras were and specially catered to bigger women.

I don’t know when Ashley Stewart changed but I was no longer able to find a size C cup in their stores. Yes, I searched and called around but they no longer carried C cups. Talk about disappointment! Not all of us big girls are a size DDD, DD, or D or even a full cup for that matter.

Recently, Ashley Stewart has come out with a new line of “Butterfly Bras”. they previously introduced this bra years ago with Jill Scott being their spokeswoman. These bras help to keep the back fat in check. Yep, no need to sugar coat it, a lot of us need that type of protection. Not only that, but the bra looks really comfortable and very stylist. Unlike some of the bras that are offered in other stores that aren’t specifically catered to plus size women. Pretty bars can be hard to find after a certain size, cup and width wise. The problem with these bras is they don’t come in anything lower than a D cup. That leaves a lot of us still searching for that perfect bra with the needed support. What bothers me is simply, a lot of us are not those sizes. What about the C, B, and A cups? Do we matter? Don’t we need the support as well? Some of us have back fat that we would like to keep under control. Once again, I am not going to sugar coat it.


As great as the bra may be, Ashley Stewart has failed in this department. Not only is this bad business, but it’s a bad message. That message is “sorry big girls that aren’t well endowed, you don’t matter”. Not a good business decision. The Ashley Stewart I frequented every other weekend closed down about 2 years ago. I even asked the manager why they didn’t sell more sizes. She told me “that’s a good question. You should write to corporate because a lot of women complain about the same thing. I’m pretty sure, had they started selling their bras in a variety of sizes they wouldn’t have had to close multiple stores. It would have helped with sells I’m sure. I would have definitely contributed to that seeing as I was there every other weekend.

Their competition, Lane Bryant and Avenue know what they are doing; they provide bras for a variety of cup sizes because we are monolithic. I have been known to buy several plunge bras from Lane Bryant at a time. I’ve bought a couple of bras from Avenue, but Lane Bryant is where I get the best. From Balconette to the T-shirt bra; Lane Bryant knows their clientele and what they want. Good business move LB! Ashley Stewart, take some notes, this is how you treat your customers.

Update: So, I strolled on over to Ashley Stewart’s website just to make sure I wasn’t completely wrong and I must say I have to eat my words. I found a C cup bra, lol. 1 WHOLE C CUP BRA OUT OF MANY. That’s right, the C cup only comes in one style (see picture below). Way to go!



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