Turning 30

So, it’s official, I am a 30 year old women. I still can’t believe 30 has come up so quickly and I honestly thought I would be so far along in my career and personal life than I am now. A lot of people see 30 as a golden age. The time when life starts to settle in and everything comes together for you. I used to believe that as well and at time, I find myself still believing that mindset. When you hit 30 you are expected have your career in order; with the job you love and/or in the field you majored in at college. I am not working in the field I majored in, far from it actually. I enjoy my current position and have been working at this company for 1 year and 1 month. I wouldn’t call it a career as of yet but, for me, it’s so far so good.

Then there’s the relationships aspects. Have close friends, be engaged or married, have a family or expecting your first child. I know a lot of this is old traditions, but many people still believe this should be true today. Even in a day and age when more people are marrying and having children later in life. In still believe a lot of people would expect someone my age to be in some sort of serious relationship at this point. I guess I am just not that fortunate to be doing well in this area.

I don’t have any close close friends. No one I can really hang out with and do stuff with. I have friends but, they don’t live anywhere near me. I do have 2 co-workers that I am friendly with but, we are just in different stages in our lives. They are both married so, they spend their weekends with their husbands and families. Understandable. I mainly hang out with my immediate family or alone. Being introverted, hanging out alone is really not a major deal to me but, it would be nice every once in a while to hang out with some people other than my family or by myself.

I am very grateful for the experiences I have had over the past year. Buying a new car, getting a new position, going on several vacations and traveling; with another coming up this month. I do appreciate those things but, I still can’t help feeling like something is missing, like something doesn’t feel right. I believe I know what it is but then again, I know it’s more than what I believe it is.


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